Pay Raises for Low-Income Earners Shows Strength in US Economy


We are now almost a decade into a recovery from the worst US recession in generations, and investors everywhere continue to wonder when “the other shoe is going to drop.” That feeling is understandable when you consider that the average economic expansion historically has been about four years, and this recovery is now more than [...]

Second Quarter 2017 Investment Commentary

2ND Q 2017

Second Quarter 2017 Key Takeaways The second quarter proved to be another very strong period for global stock markets. Larger-cap U.S. stocks gained 3.1%, developed international stocks rose 6.4% and emerging-market stocks rose by 3.4%. This makes 2017 stock performance even stronger. Larger-cap U.S. stocks have surged 9.3% year to date, while international indexes are [...]

The Case for Quitting Your Job

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“The phenomenon of delayed retirement is well documented. Average retirement ages are climbing, and nearly half of baby boomers say they expect to work until age 66 or beyond, according to Gallup Inc. polls.”  – Anne Tergesen (Wall Street Journal) For many of these potential retirees, they have no choice–they need the money. That’s why [...]

First Quarter 2017 Investment Commentary

1ST Q 2017

First Quarter 2017 Key Takeaways– Global equities greeted the new year with the same degree of gusto with which they closed 2016. Emerging-market stocks led the way with double-digit gains, followed closely by developed international and U.S. stocks. Our portfolios benefited from their overweight to emerging-market stocks, which outpaced U.S. stocks by over five percentage points [...]

Worried About a Tax Audit?


As our clients know, we spend a lot of time talking about income taxes. No, we’re not masochists, we just know that for most people, and especially for retired folks, income tax planning is one of the best ways to keep more of your money. Consistent and thoughtful income tax planning done year after year [...]

Is Europe Set for a Rebound?


As our clients and readers of our newsletters know, we’ve been relatively big proponents of investing internationally — both in Europe and in “emerging markets” over the last 18 to 24 months. We have taken this stance largely as a result of our central discipline and guiding belief — that assets tend to revert to [...]

Fourth Quarter 2016 Investment Commentary

2016 Q4 Feature

Fourth Quarter 2016 Key Takeaways – Global stocks performed well both in absolute terms and relative to core bonds this year, with U.S. stocks again taking the lead. Large-cap stocks gained 11.8% . This marked the eighth straight year the large-cap S&P 500 Index had a positive return. While streaks of this length have occurred twice before, [...]

What Does a Trump Presidency Mean for the Markets?

donald trump

Two years ago, I said several times in meetings with clients that I believed America was tired of having someone named “Bush” or “Clinton” in the White House. The electorate was ready for someone new. On that much, at least, I was right. (Although I’ll not comment here on the accuracy of my comments around [...]

Second Quarter 2016 Investment Commentary

2016 Q2 Feature

Second Quarter 2016 Key Takeaways – U.S. markets were initially range-bound for most of the quarter until June, when the relative calm in global stock markets came to an abrupt end. Upending most forecasts and taking world financial markets by surprise, the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union on June 23. In the [...]

Behavioral Finance Reveals How Bias May Hurt Your Investing

Behavioral Bias may hurt Investing Results

“He must have been dropped on his head a lot when he was a child.” Clearly, we don’t often use this phrase to say that someone is a great investor. But maybe we should? Researchers have learned a lot about the human brain in the last few decades. One study from Stanford University examined how a [...]