Top Ten Long-Term Care Myths for Georgia Seniors


Note: Special thanks to Daniel D. Munster, a Georgia top-rated elder law attorney, for a recent presentation in our offices on this subject, as well as much of the background information for this post. Please note that nothing herein is legal or investment advice. There is tremendous confusion in the area of long-term care planning, [...]

Do You Need Life Insurance in Retirement?

Life Insurance in Retirement?

In a recent Gallup survey, 64% of Americans said that they worry about having enough money for a comfortable retirement, and this fear has many re-examining their budgets to find additional ways to save for their golden years. But maybe you are part of the group that feels pretty good about their retirement planning. Even still, [...]

Medicare Open Enrollment Webinar – Listen to a Complete Replay


As our clients and friends probably already know, we recently held a Medicare Open Enrollment webinar to help clients better understand how to navigate the “Medicare maze” of choices during this important time. While we had a tremendous turnout and response to the event, we understand that not everyone was able to make it on [...]

Medicare Open Enrollment — Avoid the Pitfalls, Take the Opportunities

Medicare Open Enrollment

If you’re like most people, the information you receive about Medicare through the mail, from insurance agents, or talking with friends, family, and co-workers, is confusing! And the abundance of conflicting information can leave you anxious, worrying that you’ll do the wrong thing like missing a key enrollment period or incurring hefty penalties. Do Any [...]

Announcement! JPH Retains New Experts in Long-Term Care and Medicare Planning


Long-Term Care Planning It’s been particularly challenging for our firm to provide clients with comprehensive, in-depth, expert advice in the very specialized area of long-term care planning. That’s why we’re pleased to announce that we have retained the services of Allen Hamm, an expert in this area. Allen literally wrote the book on this subject–he’s the author of [...]

Protect Your Identity Online (Part Three)

Protecting Your Identity Online: Fighting Back

Step Three: Start Fighting Back This is my third and final post about “Protecting Your Identity Online.” As you’ll recall from the previous posts, the number one way to protect yourself is a “credit freeze,” and knowing your rights and options if you are victimized is vital (since there is a very high probability that most people will be hit at some [...]

How to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft (Part Two)

how to protect yourself against bank fraud and identity theft

Step Two: Know Your Rights and Be ProActive Back in April–has it been that long?–I posted about how to protect yourself from identity theft in the wake of rampant data breaches. As I discussed in the post, a credit freeze is the absolute best way to lock down your credit file, so that only you [...]

Protect Yourself from Identity Theft (Part One)

Credit Freeze

Step One: Freeze Your Credit, and Help Leave Fraudsters Out in the Cold According to the Justice Department’s latest statistics, approximately 7% of U.S. adults can expect to experience some form of identity theft this year. That’s one in every 14 people. And according to the FTC it takes an average of about six months [...]

If You’re the Target of a Potential Scam, Talk to Your Advisor First

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“The IRS left a message on my machine that I owe them money and may take me to court. Do you know if it’s real?” This question (and others like it) is one that advisors like us get all too often. A fellow advisor and colleague reported the following to me when he was asked [...]

Sneak Peek at Health Insurance Costs in Retirement


Healthcare costs can be a big “question mark” for those looking to retire. So, here’s some rough anecdotal amounts that a “typical” retiree might expect to pay. Let’s define “typical”: a couple, age 65 or older, in generally good health, but perhaps on a few regular medications. I will assume that they do not have [...]