Access Your Account Data with JPH ClientView

We believe it’s important to track your progress towards your goals, so we’ve partnered up with state-of-the-art financial software companies to provide access to the value and performance of your investment accounts online. Previously, clients could access this information through a system called ClientView. However, we are excited to announce that we have upgraded to a new and improved system, provided by BlackDiamond Reporting. Because it accomplishes the same goals as the old ClientView system, just with increased capabilities, we have affectionately dubbed the new system, the “New JPH ClientView.”

New JPH ClientView System

The New JPH ClientView system allows 24/7 access to continually updated performance and activity data about your accounts. To gain access to the portal, you will need new, separate login credentials. Please reach out to Magda Richard via email at [email protected] or call us at 770-859-0076 to get setup on the new JPH ClientView system, if you are not already enrolled.

“What gets measured gets improved.”
- Peter Drucker