Medicare Open Enrollment Webinar – September 13, 2016

Dear client,

As you probably know, JPH Advisory Group has retained the services of a dedicated Medicare specialist to help our clients with issues related to health insurance in retirement. Because we pay them a fee, this service is available 100% Free to you, our client, and there are no products sold, commissions paid, or “kick-backs” of any kind.

The Medicare specialist that we have retained is Eileen Hamm, a dedicated professional with years of experience helping clients plan for Medicare.

One of the services Eileen provides is assisting you with evaluating and making changes to your Medicare coverage during the Open Enrollment period this fall. To answer your questions about what “Open Enrollment” means for you, Eileen will be providing a webinar for you and our other clients on Tuesday, September 13th at 11am. Please mark your calendar and plan to join us!

She will be discussing the following:

  • Reviewing your coverage to see if it’s met your needs during the past year
  • Evaluating other options that are available
  • What types of changes can be made during open enrollment?
  • When do these changes take place?
  • How to make changes, if applicable

All of our clients are welcome to attend this webinar, whether you are already enrolled in Medicare, or if you are approaching your 65th birthday and will soon be making decisions regarding your Medicare Coverage. Even younger clients may need to help their parents or grandparents with these decisions, so you are welcome to attend as well.

Eileen is also available to assist with your individual situation with a phone consultation. Let us know if you’d like to do this, and we can help you to arrange it.

Again, the date and time of the webinar is Tuesday, September 13th at 11am.


Best regards,


Curtis Hearn, CFP, MBA