Beware of Letting Your Parents Add You to their Account

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If mom or dad is getting a little older, and needs a little help paying bills and managing their affairs, be careful before you let them add you to their accounts. It might seem like an easy and effective solution to just have your name and/or a sibling’s name added to their banking and investment [...]

Dave Ramsey and the Debt Snowball Strategy


Dave Ramsey is a popular and sometimes controversial personal finance talk show host. He is looked up to by thousands all across the country for his practical advice, and especially for his unique ability to encourage and motivate people to get out of debt. While, of course, we wouldn’t endorse everything Dave–or any other person–says [...]

Debt Use Growing Unevenly


Household debt is one of the many data points I review when looking at the economy. Since the great recession, household debt has decreased steadily over the last 4 years as consumers have paid down debt and as debt has been charged off in foreclosures. Over the last few quarters however, we have seen household [...]