At JPH Advisory Group, we believe that professional financial planning, when done right, is a force for good in the world. That’s why we are proud to offer, for the very first time, the JPH FuturePlanner Scholarship, which is awarded to a dedicated, enthusiastic, and deserving college student studying in an financial planning-related program nationwide.

Having received many applications from across the country, we are excited to announce that we have selected three finalists for the award. Below you will find their article entries, which we post here as general education to our readers. Please bear in mind that these articles represent the views of their authors, and not necessarily those of JPH Advisory Group, and are listed in the order received. Please feel free to share any articles you find interesting on your favorite social media platform.


The Challenge of Student Loan Debt

by Galen Bearden

One of the most challenging issues that people face in their lifetime is dealing with student loans. The problem of student loan debt is a systemic issue that is a result of some of the fundamental beliefs that society places on the necessity of higher education. The mountain of student debt is serious and needs to be addressed. In a TED Talk, Adam Carroll reported that “1 in 3 students are delinquent, 1 in 5 are in default” . The message given to kids today is that higher education is necessary to be successful in life. This assumption is subsidized by both society through the government and through individual families, by a government willing to lend unending amount of loans to prospective students and parents who will pay any price to give their child a college education…  read more

Behavior Finance and Its Implication for Family Education

by Jennifer Lehman

Imagine yourself nearing full retirement age, but being unable to retire because you have under-saved and overspent. Or so you thought. Then your parents, who lived quite frugally, pass away and leave you an inheritance that’s significant enough you can now retire and live the lifestyle you have grown accustomed to. Research suggests this is happening to baby boomers in record numbers. In fact, some economists estimate that baby boomers will complete the biggest wealth transfer of all time by passing on $59 trillion by the year 2061… read more

Is Rebalancing Right for Everyone?

by Tyler Floyd

The act of rebalancing is one that has come to the forefront of modern portfolio management. Financial professionals are tasked with the responsibilities of preparing, implementing and monitoring their client’s assets. These tasks are at the core of the financial services industry. Preparing and implementing the client’s financial plan requires a mix of technical and soft skills that makes the client feel comfortable with their plan to acquire their ideal financial future. However, once this plan has been put in place, it is imperative that the monitoring phase begin. With that in mind, is rebalancing the optimal strategy for portfolio management? … read more