On August 1, 2018, Jon Houk and JPH Advisory Group joined Gratus Capital, LLC, an Atlanta based registered investment advisory firm, bringing together two terrific boutique teams that care deeply for clients and share a common approach to integrated, thoughtful financial planning and investment management.

Jon P. Houk founded JPH Advisory Group in Atlanta in 1992 with one goal in mind: to create a place where he could work in the best interest of his clients. Hank McLarty, Gratus’ founder, set out to create a firm that works every day to provide financial well-being at the most personal and yet sophisticated level. Together, it is our goal to raise the bar in the wealth management profession, enriching the lives of clients by providing a path to financial independence.

We are committed to making a difference one relationship at a time.

To learn more about Gratus Capital, visit www.gratuscapital.com.