Due to the hard work of our staff and the loyalty of our wonderful clients, JPH Advisory Group has been growing!

In anticipation of that growth, several years ago we hired Joshua Swartz, a young, capable graduate of Liberty University’s financial planning program. Joshua has been with the firm since then helping both Jon and Curtis in various financial planning and investment-related duties.

At the time he joined JPH, Joshua had already completed the education requirements of the Certified Financial Planner™ designation. However, there were two additional requirements he needed: passing a grueling 10-hour exam, and completing three years of on-the-job experience. He passed the exam successfully on his first attempt (only about 67% of takers passed on the first attempt!)  in March of 2013, and as of June, he had finished the 3-year experience requirement as well.

Therefore, we are very excited to announce that Joshua Swartz has been awarded the Certified Financial Planner™  designation by the CFP Board of Standards. He becomes one of the youngest CFP® practitioners in the country, with only about 3% nationwide being under the age of 30.

So, to help our clients get to know Joshua a little better, we sat down recently to find out a few more things about him:

  • Growing up, what made you want to become a Financial Planner? I grew up in a loving home with a large family in which financial flexibility was always difficult to come by. I saw the stress that caused, and decided from an early age that I wanted to have financial flexibility for my own family one day. This desire, coupled with a passion to help people and an innate sense of financial matters, came to fruition when I met a financial planner during a late night shift at the fast food restaurant I worked at in high school. While discussing my desire to help people with their finances and my future goals in life with him, I decided that I too wanted to become a Financial Planner.
  • What was the hardest part about getting the CFP®? Understanding the vast amount of information and detail involved in the financial planning process, and then having the ability to recall and differentiate between similar concepts was by far the most difficult part. 
  • What do you enjoy the most about the work? I have really enjoyed being able to walk through various clients financial lives, and assist Jon and Curtis as we help them make smart financial decisions. We have clients from all walks of life, with different motivations and view points towards their finances, and I find it fascinating observing how different people are in some areas, and similar in others. I also love to hear stories of how JPH Advisory Group has been able to make a real difference in the lives of people. While I have not been with the company to see everyone’s story play out, I have been able to hear clients share about the experience they have had with us over the years, and it excites me for the impact I will be able to make as I progress as a financial planner.
  • What about JPH Advisory Group drew you to want to work here? While looking into the various forms of Financial Planning, I found Fee-Only and knew that it was the only type of compensation I would ever like to receive. I knew JPH Advisory Group was Fee-Only, and when I interviewed with Jon, I immediately felt comfortable and a connection with the firm. I liked the small office, family feel, and shared many of the same values and interests with everyone in the office, and knew I would enjoy working with the firm.
  • Do you have any hobbies or activities you would like to share? I spend the majority of my time outside of the office working out, participating in activities with my church community, and trying new restaurants with my friends. I started CrossFit almost 12 months ago, and will never be able to go back to working out in a traditional gym again. I also am a member of Renovation Church in downtown Atlanta, serving alongside the Missions Team and among my local community in the Northwest corner of the perimeter.
Please join us in welcoming the newest CFP® certificant to our team!