This month marks my tenth year of employment with JPH Advisory Group, which I think is cause for some celebration! But first, a little reflection…

If I’m completely honest, when I first stepped into the financial industry about 14 years ago, I did so with a great deal of trepidation. Deep down, I felt a small tinge of resignation in trading in my admittedly idealistic dreams of being a high school teacher for the cold and impersonal world of finance. And the first several years did little to encourage me, as I learned the hard way that conflicts of interest are rampant in the industry. Sadly, the ways in which the brokerage community can abuse the trust of clients are as numerous as the number of products that they sell.

Then JPH Advisory Group came along, and I was introduced to a whole new side of financial advice. There I found an environment in which clients and advisors work together to reach the client’s goals, and where conflicts of interest are eliminated. I also found a peaceful, collegiate environment, where advisors work together on the client’s behalf, rather than in cutthroat competition. On top of all that, I’ve been blessed to work alongside and to learn from one of the most insightful and experienced advisors in the country. Under Jon Houk, CFP’s tutelage, I’ve found a passion for teaching again, only this time I’m helping executives, business owners, and retirees break down complex financial problems into simple decisions. I get the satisfaction of helping them stride forward with confidence towards the future, even as the markets and political world shifts around them.

Over the last ten years, I’ve learned and grown in so many ways from the guidance and support of Jon and the whole team at JPH. Without their help, I wouldn’t be able to do my job well, and I’m so very grateful for their support. Even more importantly, I want to sincerely thank our clients for their trust and confidence in myself and the whole team. They are the reason we are able to do what we love.

And now to celebrate this milestone, we have a small announcement to make. JPH has graciously allowed me to take a sabbatical this summer to accomplish a dream of mine for a long time — a trip around the world. I will be taking ten weeks off — ten weeks for ten years — and traveling westward out of Atlanta, stopping off in various places along the way. South and central America, southeast Asia, and southern Europe are all stopping points along the way. While the exact dates are still being finalized, the current plan is to leave the first week of May and return in the middle of July. I am so excited to broaden my horizons and see places that I always dreamed of visiting! In addition, while I obviously will not be available in person during those weeks, I will still be available electronically for clients, and the JPH team will also be available in my absence. For those who are interested in my trip, I will be posting updates to the JPH Advisory Group Facebook page about where I am, the local culture, and maybe a travel tip or two. So like us on Facebook if you want to follow along!