Every year, the Plan Sponsor Council of America publishes a study on the state of retirement plans in the US. Here are some interesting highlights from their most recent study:

  • The average plan has approximately 60.6 percent of assets invested in equities
  • Companies contribute (including matching) an average of 4.1% of participant’s pay
  • 1.8% of participants took a “hardship withdrawal”
  • Investment advice is offered by 57.8 percent of respondent companies. 19.3 percent of participants used advice when it was offered. Participant usage tends to be greatest in small plans.
  • Plans offer an average of 19 funds for both participant contributions and for company contributions.
  • Nearly 90% of plans offer the ability to take plan loans
  • The average percentage of eligible employees who have a balance in the plan is 85.9 percent. An average of 79.5 percent of eligible employees made contributions to the plan in 2011, when permitted.
  • 17.4 percent of participants made Roth contributions when offered the opportunity.

Source: Plan Sponsor Council of America (