Our Wealth Management Process

wealth-mgmt-imgThere are many qualified financial professionals who can write a plan or put together an analysis for you. In our experience, however, too often that plan either doesn’t take into account your entire financial situation, or it did address the big picture, but it was so detailed and technical that it just ends up sitting on a shelf somewhere, collecting dust. At the time, the advisor explained the concepts and the plan made sense. But then life got interrupted, things changed, and the plan never got implemented. That’s why we approach things a little differently

We call it the “Wealth Management Process,” and what it means is that as your Personal CFO we are going to come alongside you and your family, spend the time necessary to get to know you, and then help you find practical solutions to help you meet your goals.

But we won’t stop there. We will walk down the path with you as far as needed to help your plan get implemented. And as your life changes, we will re-evaluate your plan, or scrap it and design a new one. That’s all part of the process.

There are five basic elements of the Wealth Management Process.

1. Investment Strategy

Design – We work with each client to create a personal Investment Policy Statement. This written document establishes clear and definable expectations, risk and return objectives, and guidelines for future investment.

Implementation – Once the Investment Policy Statement is developed and agreed upon, we implement it using “best of class” money managers.

Reporting – We then provide comprehensive quarterly performance reports and detailed tax information which summarize each client’s portfolio activity and results. We then compare it to the Investment Policy Statement. We make periodic adjustments to rebalance the portfolio, ensuring that strategies stay on track with the client’s goals.

2. Financial Independence

As Winston Churchill once said, “plans are of little importance, but planning is essential.” We believe that the very act of planning—thinking about the future, setting goals, and determining the steps necessary to reach them—can be very valuable. It can give you peace of mind that you are on the right track, and that with each passing day you are a step closer to Financial Independence.

It’s not that your life won’t change; we know it will, and we will revise the plan accordingly. But having a plan in place that gives you confidence in meeting your goals with only an acceptable amount of sacrifice today is a powerful step towards success.

3. Cash-Flow, Debt, & Taxes

We understand it’s not how much you make—it’s what you get to keep. With that in mind, we focus a tremendous amount of energy in understanding that every financial decision we make on your behalf has a tax impact. We work to make sure our clients pay the least amount of taxes legally possible. We manage your debt in the most tax-efficient manner, and at the best rates possible. From questions about obtaining or managing a mortgage to establishing or using lines of credit, we provide objective advice about all financial matters.

4. Risk Management

We do not sell insurance, nor accept fees for insurance referrals; but we do provide expert, unbiased advice about using insurance to preserve and protect your assets and income.

5. Wills and Estate Planning

We advise you in matters of title and succession, family trusts, living wills and powers of attorney, while employing wealth transfer strategies to reach your personal goals.

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