Beware of Letting Your Parents Add You to their Account

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If mom or dad is getting a little older, and needs a little help paying bills and managing their affairs, be careful before you let them add you to their accounts. It might seem like an easy and effective solution to just have your name and/or a sibling’s name added to their banking and investment [...]

How Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s Daughters Got Left Out

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Estate planning can be tricky, and for celebrities with mega assets the stakes for heirs are enormous. You might think that multi-millionaire celebrities would have their affairs in order, simply because of the team of experts they can afford to hire. However, it seems that for whatever reason, mistakes are often made and when they [...]

States You Shouldn’t Be Caught Dead In


A couple months ago I posted an article about how Georgia was a great state to retire in from an income tax standpoint. Here is an article below from The Wall Street Journal that explains how Georgia also happens to be a great state to die in (so to speak): Jon Houk, CFP® States You Shouldn’t Be Caught Dead In Investors [...]