Though the Jobs Report is Dismal, That’s Not the Real News

Table of Various Assets and Returns for June 3rd, 2016

This morning a weak jobs report came out, sending stocks down and bonds up. That’s pretty normal behavior in the markets. However, emerging market stocks and bonds were actually up on the news, based on the assumption that the dollar will suffer because the Fed will be more hesitant to raise interest rates in the [...]

Third Quarter 2015 Emerging Markets Commentary

3Q 2015 Feature - EM Commentary

Our Historical and Current Perspective on Emerging-Markets Stocks Our overarching belief that emerging markets’ macroeconomic fundamentals are much better now than they were during the crisis-prone years of the late 1990s/early 2000s has guided our views on the asset class over the past several years. First, most emerging-market countries today have floating, rather than fixed [...]

Could US Issues Lead Investors to Emerging Markets?

Congress Vote Ends Fiscal Impasse to Be Revisited in January

Below is an article written by Mark Mobius, who is considered the Dean of emerging market investments. He was the manager of the first publicly traded emerging market fund that I was aware of in the late 80’s, and I have continued to invest with him over the years. Mark gives a unique perspective on the U.S. [...]