Don’t Miss Out on Low Mortgage Rates

source: via the Wall Street Journal

“It was the best of times; it was the worst of times.” Perhaps Charles Dickens’ iconic line has never been more appropriate. Twenty years from now, we may look back at 2016 and marvel at the unique set of economic forces at play: a near-zero interest rate environment on the part of nearly every developed [...]

Dave Ramsey and the Debt Snowball Strategy


Dave Ramsey is a popular and sometimes controversial personal finance talk show host. He is looked up to by thousands all across the country for his practical advice, and especially for his unique ability to encourage and motivate people to get out of debt. While, of course, we wouldn’t endorse everything Dave–or any other person–says [...]

Debt Use Growing Unevenly


Household debt is one of the many data points I review when looking at the economy. Since the great recession, household debt has decreased steadily over the last 4 years as consumers have paid down debt and as debt has been charged off in foreclosures. Over the last few quarters however, we have seen household [...]

Mortgage Rates Rise


Last week, Fed chairman Ben Bernanke’s comments about potentially reducing it’s bond buying program (aka QE3), produced a sell-off in the bond market which subsequently drove mortgage rates about 1/2% higher. It was the largest one-week move since 2008. Here’s Greg McBride from with more detail: Mortgage Update