Should Parents Save Towards College or Retirement?

Parents saving for college

Many parents find themselves in the predicament of having to choose between saving for college for their children or retirement for themselves. The family may even be on one income because they feel that quality time with at least one parent is important while the children are young, and therefore hard choices have to be [...]

How to Graduate Debt Free

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As we have conversations with clients about the high cost of sending their kids to college, one of the things we try to point out is that if you are willing to work at it, there are ways to drastically cut the “ticker price” of a college education. If you are willing to go in-state, [...]

Should Your Teenager Get a Summer Job?


source: Recently, Jon Houk had a discussion with a client about planning for college for high school age teenagers, and since Jon has three college age kids of his own, you might say he speaks from some personal experience. One of the things he suggested was to look at doing SAT prep work in the summers. [...]