Should Parents Save Towards College or Retirement?

Parents saving for college

Many parents find themselves in the predicament of having to choose between saving for college for their children or retirement for themselves. The family may even be on one income because they feel that quality time with at least one parent is important while the children are young, and therefore hard choices have to be [...]

Sneak Peek at Health Insurance Costs in Retirement


Healthcare costs can be a big “question mark” for those looking to retire. So, here’s some rough anecdotal amounts that a “typical” retiree might expect to pay. Let’s define “typical”: a couple, age 65 or older, in generally good health, but perhaps on a few regular medications. I will assume that they do not have [...]

How to Pay a Zero Percent Tax Rate


Granted, this is not a strategy that everyone will be able to use. But… if you are one of the few who could take advantage of a completely legal way to pay ZERO in taxes, wouldn’t you want to know about it? So now that I have your attention, what am I talking about? Well, [...]

The State of the 401k


Every year, the Plan Sponsor Council of America publishes a study on the state of retirement plans in the US. Here are some interesting highlights from their most recent study: The average plan has approximately 60.6 percent of assets invested in equities Companies contribute (including matching) an average of 4.1% of participant’s pay 1.8% of participants [...]