The Great Tax Escape: Using After-Tax 401k Contributions to Fund a Roth IRA

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Most employees who utilize a 401(k) plan to stash part of their salary away for the future are probably aware that there are limits on how much they can contribute. In 2017, that limit is $18,000 for those under age 50, and $24,000 for those age 50 and above.3 Of course, the primary motivation for most [...]

What’s the Best Age to Begin Social Security Benefits?


We often hear the question, “What is the best age to begin Social Security benefits?” And while it may sound confusing, our answer is always: “Well, it depends.” There are a number of factors that impact when you should begin your benefits, and so the answer varies from person to person. Let’s start with the [...]

How to Keep from Failing at Retirement


We are eight years into a strong bull market in stocks, with rising employment and the highest consumer confidence readings we’ve seen in a long time. On top of that, we also are in the middle of a wave of Baby Boomers hitting their mid-sixties, the classic retirement age. Those factors combine to see some [...]

Three Important Factors To Consider before Accepting a New Job Offer


So you’ve just received a great new job offer with the company of your dreams? There is no denying it, this is a pretty great feeling, especially since it is probably the culmination of years of planning and hard work. So before you take the job or start to negotiate your salary and benefits, stop [...]

The Case for Quitting Your Job

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“The phenomenon of delayed retirement is well documented. Average retirement ages are climbing, and nearly half of baby boomers say they expect to work until age 66 or beyond, according to Gallup Inc. polls.”  – Anne Tergesen (Wall Street Journal) For many of these potential retirees, they have no choice–they need the money. That’s why [...]

Five Things the Wealthy Can Teach about Money

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In 1998, Dr Thomas J. Stanley of Georgia State University, published his best-selling book “The Millionaire Next Door,” in which he reveals two decades of research into the character traits of America’s wealthy. Many were quite surprised by his findings at the time, especially when compared with go-go stock market attitude and eternal optimism of [...]

Should Parents Save Towards College or Retirement?

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Many parents find themselves in the predicament of having to choose between saving for college for their children or retirement for themselves. The family may even be on one income because they feel that quality time with at least one parent is important while the children are young, and therefore hard choices have to be [...]

5 Common Myths About Social Security


There are a lot of misconceptions about the Social Security system out there. We know, because when it comes to retirement planning, we have had countless conversations with clients and Social Security personnel in an attempt to make the best decisions possible in conjunction with an overall retirement plan. Over the years, we’ve picked up quite [...]

Auto Loans Hit a New Record


According to new data from Experian, consumers now borrow, on average, about $28,000 for a new car purchase, an increase of about 4%. Even with record low interest rates, the average car payment on a new vehicle is up as well, now almost $500 per month. There are a myriad of reasons why people may feel [...]

Americans Still View their Homes as Best Investment

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Americans still think it’s financially savvy to dump all their savings into a single, large, highly illiquid asset Even though we just went through one of the worst recessions in U.S. history that was arguably caused directly by this attitude, Americans still view their homes as the best single investment available to them. I would [...]