Jon Houk and Team named Five Star Wealth Manager for Fifth Straight Year


We are proud to announce that Jon Houk, CFP and the team at JPH Advisory Group, Inc. have been named as a Five Star Wealth Manager for the fifth straight year! Because of this, the firm has been featured in Atlanta Magazine in the October issue, and also in the November 28th issue of the Wall Street [...]

Tis the Season to Make Smart Year-End Tax Moves


As wealth managers, we spend a lot of time helping clients keep more of what they earn, whether that be from their paycheck, a small (or not-so-small) business, or their investments. In the end, the important thing is that their net worth goes up, because that’s what is going to determine how much income their [...]

Money, Thanksgiving, & Happiness — Five Quotes to Start Your Holiday Week


Thanksgiving week has arrived, and while we all have jam-packed to-do lists full of shopping to do, traveling plans to make, and goodies to bake, let’s all take a few minutes to reflect on all the blessings we share. To get your reflective mood kick-started, here are five poignant quotes from those who said it [...]

What Does a Trump Presidency Mean for the Markets?

donald trump

Two years ago, I said several times in meetings with clients that I believed America was tired of having someone named “Bush” or “Clinton” in the White House. The electorate was ready for someone new. On that much, at least, I was right. (Although I’ll not comment here on the accuracy of my comments around [...]

Medicare Open Enrollment Webinar – Listen to a Complete Replay


As our clients and friends probably already know, we recently held a Medicare Open Enrollment webinar to help clients better understand how to navigate the “Medicare maze” of choices during this important time. While we had a tremendous turnout and response to the event, we understand that not everyone was able to make it on [...]

Medicare Open Enrollment — Avoid the Pitfalls, Take the Opportunities

Medicare Open Enrollment

If you’re like most people, the information you receive about Medicare through the mail, from insurance agents, or talking with friends, family, and co-workers, is confusing! And the abundance of conflicting information can leave you anxious, worrying that you’ll do the wrong thing like missing a key enrollment period or incurring hefty penalties. Do Any [...]

Five Things the Wealthy Can Teach about Money

"Man Counting Money"

In 1998, Dr Thomas J. Stanley of Georgia State University, published his best-selling book “The Millionaire Next Door,” in which he reveals two decades of research into the character traits of America’s wealthy. Many were quite surprised by his findings at the time, especially when compared with go-go stock market attitude and eternal optimism of [...]

Second Quarter 2016 Investment Commentary

2016 Q2 Feature

Second Quarter 2016 Key Takeaways – U.S. markets were initially range-bound for most of the quarter until June, when the relative calm in global stock markets came to an abrupt end. Upending most forecasts and taking world financial markets by surprise, the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union on June 23. In the [...]

Behavioral Finance Reveals How Bias May Hurt Your Investing

Behavioral Bias may hurt Investing Results

“He must have been dropped on his head a lot when he was a child.” Clearly, we don’t often use this phrase to say that someone is a great investor. But maybe we should? Researchers have learned a lot about the human brain in the last few decades. One study from Stanford University examined how a [...]

There’s Always Room for Growth

There's Always Room for Growth

Last month, an article “Ending America’s Slow-Growth Tailspin” by economist John H. Cochrane was featured in the Wall Street Journal. The author is a senior research fellow at the Hoover Institute – a large research think-tank out of Stanford University. This article is incredibly important because it plainly states what I have been saying for [...]